In the distant future, a lonely goose guy stuck in the eternal loop of fighting against forces of eternal evil. But this time, his shotgun and he have a company of machinegun, plasma gun and rocket launcher.

Get through a deadly evil base and survive!


Here is a platformer and here is an egg, platformEGG!

This game is a small platformer where you play as a ninja frog, who needs to bring an egg to finish line. Avoiding a lot of traps without dying or breaking the egg.

Sounds easy? Not for the ninja frog, as if she carries the egg, she can't jump. Luckily, she can throw the egg.


A top-down arena shooter about a mage who wants to become the best mage in the world. This game I made solo in 1.5 month with Game Maker Studio 2.

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A top-down arena shooter about a Goose guy and his faithful companion - a double-barreled shotgun.

The game was made in collaboration with an artist during Ludum Dare 45 with GameMaker Studio 2 in 3 days.


A top-down arena action about a lonely lizard, who constantly fight with various enemies using only one spear.

The game was made by me during the GMTK game jam with GameMaker Studio 2 in 2 days.

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