My name is Artyom Volkov, and I'm a game designer with about ten years of experience in different projects. I've worked for many different companies from small independent to huge corporations such as Wargaming. It helped me to build a versatile set of skills, an ability to solve problems in severe time conditions, and flexibility in a rapidly changing environment.

As a game designer, I work on game systems, gameplay mechanics, AI design, and boss fights. I strive to deliver holistic and comprehensive mechanics which players will enjoy while playing a game. Moreover, I spend a lot of time testing and adjusting systems to make them smooth and fun to play. However, during all these processes, I adhere to project goals, team size, and development deadlines.

In addition to classic game design, I’ve studied and used in work visual script languages such as Flow Canvas for Unity and Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints, which came in handy in my latest projects and helped me to study GameMaker Language and C#. Studying text-based programming languages strengthens my game design skills, primarily through knowledge of the clean code principles.

Besides game-design and programming, I can carry out UX design. During my career, I've created a lot of UI mock-ups for different games on different platforms, from mobile ones to consoles.

I always take an interest in a new game development challenge in a close team. You can find out more about my experience in my CV.